Terms & Conditions

Santa Parade Safety Rules & Guidelines

Parade begins at 12 noon on Sunday 3rd December

  1. Parade officials will inspect all entries and reserve the right to eliminate any entry that is in violation of these rules.
  2. The Parade will start at Hathaway Carpark steps and end at Morrison Square. Line-up will start at Hathaway Carpark from 11:00 a.m. Entrants should be in the line-up no later than 11.30 a.m. The parade will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m.
  3. Once your entry has started along the parade route, no one may board your float.
  4. Cover all open wheels for safety (so marchers can not snag clothing or be pulled under wheels).
  5. Your entry may not exit the parade route before the end of the parade.
  6. No alcohol is allowed.
  7. For public safety, nothing may be thrown from your entry—candy, eggs, water balloons, super soakers, or other objects.
  8. All motorized fleets must have "wheel watchers" on both sides.
  9. All entries must have clear identification signage.
  10. Changes in the parade line-up the day of the parade will be at the sole discretion of the parade officials.
  11. A representative of your entry must attend a pre-Parade meeting.

Please call Huup Waagen in November for the date and time at 0212 694 152

Nelson Santa Parade

3rd December @ 12pm

(If cancelled, the parade will be held on Sunday, 10th December)

Enter a Float

nelson-santa-parade-clown-on-trikeJoin the fun – Enter into the Parade with your group or organization.

To fill out the online entry form click here.

Entry forms can be downloaded here, and are also be available at Nelson City Council.

Contact Us

Huup: 021 269 4152
Email Us

Help out on the Day

nelson-santa-parade-stilt-clownWe invite organisations with active members to help us run the Parade and Christmas Party smoothly.
We need traffic marshals, a balloon blowing and distribution crew, Christmas Party site crew etc.

This could be a way to be involved in the Parade and contribute to the community. This could be a chance to do some fund raising for a charity or an appropriate organisation. Please email us if you would like to help.

Become a sponsor

nelson-santa-parade-pirate-floatWe are looking for sponsorship on various levels. The Nelson Santa Parade Trust owns a number of floats that can be modeleld to promote your organisation or business.

This is a fantastic way to profile yourself to thousands of people in the region. If you want to become a sponsor please email us.

Help out Beforehand

nelson-santa-parade-motor-cycle-center-floatEach year the Santa Parade committee volunteers dedicate days of their time to tidy up the trust owned floats.

Here is another opportunity to be involved in the Parade. Please email us if you can help out.

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